Meet Elysian Brew



Welcome! My name is Karah. I am a college-aged, contemporary blogger with the means to express, advise and motivate in an assortment of ways. With my collection of opinions, ideas and fascinations this blog will be full of an array of topics. For those who know me they would tell you that I have a million to express with no fear, so what better way to do that than to start a personal blog?

A little bit about my blog and what you’ll find while reading it: the blog tab will consist of anything and everything from fitness, craft ideas, cooking, study tips, love to etc.. These will be basic ways to hopefully inspire you!

If you haven’t heard of the word Elysian” you’re probably wondering what this word means. While brainstorming names for my blog I ran across this word and found it to be perfectly suiting for what I want the overall feeling of this blog to be. Although I have my fair share of fiery opinions, this blog should ultimately be a place of inspiration, creativity, and peace.  “Elysian” is the Greek word that defines those characteristics all at once.

Through out this blog I will be posting words, images, ideas, and advice that I feel passionate about, connected to, or just simply want to share with all of you. After all, a blog should be a mixture or Brew” of what the blogger finds most thought-provoking to themselves.

I hope you enjoy my posts, and again, welcome to Elysian Brew!




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